The Senate Should Remove Ted Cruz For Going To Cancun

When the going got tough in Texas, Ted Cruz got going and left Texas behind. Last night, Ted Cruz got on a flight to Cancun, leaving his fellow Texans behind and fleeing the polar vortex disaster that is hammering Texas right now. This conduct undermines public confidence in our representatives and so the Senate should remove him from office.

Here's how you can help get Ted Cruz removed from the Senate:

1. Call your representatives and tell them you want Ted Cruz removed from the Senate.

2. Ask Senate Majority Leader Schumer to remove Ted Cruz from the Senate.

3. Donate to Texans who need your help right now.

4. Support our fight to get the representation we deserve.

You should call Congress. Be nice but firm and ask them to do whatever it takes to get Ted Cruz removed from the Senate. It doesn't do any good to yell. Staffers just tally up what people are calling about.

To call Congress, just tap the button below. It will dial out to a phone number that will ask for your zipcode and then connect you to the offices of your Congress members. Calling your Congressional offices is the best and quickest way for us to get Ted Cruz removed from the Senate. (Don't be afraid to leave a message).

Here's an easy script for you for when you call:

Hi! My name is [your name] and I live in [your town or city's name]. I am calling to ask you to remove Ted Cruz from the Senate. His trip to Cancun undermines public confidence and he left Texans behind at the moment they need their representatives the most. I hope you all that you will support any and all efforts that removes Ted Cruz from the Senate as soon as possible. Have a great day!

Use the button below to ask Senate Majority Leader Schumer to remove Ted Cruz from the Senate. More and more people are using that button to ask Senator Schumer to remove Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz's conduct undermines public confidence in our representatives. He clearly doesn't want to be in the Senate or be in Texas, so we should give him what he wants and let him have all the time in the world to go on vacation.

Texans need all the help you can give right now.

Texans are being hammered by the polar vortex. Cold temperatures, broken pipes, the pandemic, and so much more are making their lives so hard. The button below will take you to an article laying out how you can donate right now to help them. Please consider donating what you are able to help our fellow Americans.

We Won't Take One Step Back.

We need to let the Conservatives in Congress know that they can't put our lives at risk just because they feel like it. Would you donate today so we can start running advertisements to get the word out? We have to tell people what the Conservatives in Congress are up to so we can all fight back.

We all deserve so much more than we get. We're going to keep fighting to get everybody the help they need during these hard times. Follow us on Twitter so we can keeping fighting together.

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